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John Donlon

Meet John Donlon

NMLS #4931

I co-founded GoldCoast Mortgage in 1999. The name was selected at a meeting at the now defunct Goat Hill Grill and drawn from the North Shore region described by author Joseph Garland as “Boston’s GoldCoast”.

Born in Beverly I have never strayed far. After a brief stop in Salem my wife Kellie and I wound up in Danvers where we’ve been caring for a 1st period farmhouse for over 20 years. I enjoy local coffee shops and often arrive to them without a mobile phone so that I can focus on the person I’m with. I’ve become addicted to hand splitting firewood with a maul and average about 3 cord/year (I’m confident I will hear the ring of the bell of the High-Striker game at the Topsfield Fair this year).

We vacation in PEI Canada where we’ve gotten use to red dirt roads, absence of street lights, a brilliant evening starscape, mastering four-hour meals and long walks with the dog.


I have four children, all officially teenagers as of this update, and I enjoy teaching them by example. The biggest gift we can give anyone is that of our attention.


My appetite for learning, perfecting, and growing is indefatigable. Whether that’s a blessing or a curse I’m often first car in the lot and/or the last to leave.

If I can share lessons on real estate to save my clients heartache, then I have fulfilled my role as their advisor.